School Is Back In Session – Practice Driving Safety Around School Zones!

It is hard to believe the summer has flown by already, but as of this week, school is officially in session again.

It is a time of year when auto insurance agencies like to remind their customers to slow down in general and notice their driving habits within school zones.

The best way to maintain safety around schools and avoid tickets as well as car insurance premium increases is to stay vigilant, especially with school just resuming after a few months off.

  • Be Aware that School Is In Session - After weeks of being able to ignore the school zone signs, auto insurance carriers remind all drivers to be aware that school is once again in session all throughout Texas. 
  • Slow Down In School Zones - The most important thing that every driver must do now that school is in session is to observe School Zone signs and slow down. Speed limits within school zones are greatly reduced, slow enough that stopping quickly to prevent an accident is easy. Drivers who receive citations for speeding with their car between School Zone signs could see increases in their auto insurance rates besides the obvious danger that doing so creates. 
  • Watch For School Buses - With school back in session, that means school buses will be out on neighborhood streets and local highways. Stay alert for them and give plenty of distance to these slow-moving vehicles to reduce the chance of being involved in an accident with one. 
  • Look For Flashing Yellow and Red Lights - Whether on a school bus, a School Zone sign, or at a crosswalk, pay attention for flashing yellow lights and either slow down or stop. Drivers must prepare to stop their car on the road when buses turn on their flashing yellow lights, then remain stopped as the lights turn red until the lights are turned off. Everywhere else, proceed carefully at the posted, reduced speed limit, and watch out for slow-moving autos and children. Car insurance agencies warn that passing a bus with red lights flashing could result in a hefty fine and an increase in their insurance policy premium. 
  • Watch for Road Crossings - Beyond simply staying alert and aware within school zones, auto insurance agencies stress the importance of watching for kids crossing the road with or without crossing guards, especially between parked or waiting cars in front of schools. Children can be impulsive, frequently entering the road in places where they shouldn’t. It is up to drivers to watch for them and avoid potential accidents instead.

With school now back in session, every person driving a car on the road plays a role in protecting children and maintaining the safety of these areas.

Follow these tips highlighted by car insurance agencies each year and stay alert in school zones and most importantly, slow down.

By avoiding accidents around school buses and in school zones, drivers can avoid damaging their auto insurance record and the higher premiums that come with that!